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32840 Ridgid  Model 4-S Heavy-Duty Pipe Cutter, 2-inch to 4-inch Steel Pipe Cutter

Designed to take on tough steel pipe, the RIDGID 32840 Model 4-S Heavy-Duty Pipe Cutter helps you complete the job quickly and efficiently. This steel pipe cutter allows for fast, clean pipe cutting by hand or power. It has an extra-long shank that protects adjustment threads, and an extra-large handle for quick and easy adjustments.

You can convert the 4-S pipe cutter to a 3-wheel cutter by replacing the rollers with a cutter wheel, or order it as a 3-wheel model. This allows for use in tighter spaces where a complete turn is not possible. Model 4-S pipe cutters have a second handle that makes two-man leverage possible on large pipe sizes.

This metal pipe cutter has a 2-inch to 4-inch pipe capacity.


Dimensions: L30xW15xH6 cm

Weight: 10 kg


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