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26004-400 Molyslip OGS - Wire Rope and Open Gear Spray 400ML

Molyslip Open Gear Spray (OGS) is a heavy-duty, molybdenum-fortified spray lubricant that adheres to most surfaces providing a very firm lubricating film with exceptional resistance to salt water and corrosion.
Unlike other spray lubricants OGS will stick to surfaces and will not wash or fling off. It offers the added protection of colloidal molybdenum disulfide enabling greatly increased load carrying capability.
Because OGS forms an almost dry film that is not brittle and can withstand extreme heat it is ideal for use in extreme environments and/or areas where a wet lubricant would attract dust and dirt.


  • Resistant to water, acids and alkalis
  • Formulated to withstand high loads while maintaining chemical stability
  • Clings to surfaces without dripping, draining or scraping off
  • Quickly sets providing a very firm lubricating film that is not brittle but will not collect dust and dirt like most wet lubricants
  • Steady working temperatures up to 130°C (266°F).

Technical Data

- Appearance: Semi-fluid grey/black grease
- Lubricating solids: MoS2
- Operating temperature range: -35°C to +90°C

The solution to heavy-duty equipment lubrication:

Molyslip OGS is specifically designed to provide lubrication on heavy-duty machinery such as heavily-loaded gears, wire rope and chains moving at slow to moderate speeds. Often this type of equipment can be difficult to lubricate effectively.

Intructions for Use:

Shake can before use. Apply from a suitable distance. Do not spray near naked flames or incandescent material.


400 ml Aerosol

Dimensions: L30xW30xH25 cm

Weights: 0.4 kg