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22004-400 Molyslip HSB (High Speed Bearing) Lithium Grease 400g Cartridges

Molyslip HSB is a higher than standard MoS2 lithium grease with exceptional extreme pressure load bearing capacity.

Technical Data:

  • Base: Lithium
  • Consistency N.G.L.I.: No.2
  • Worked penetration at 25°C: 265/295
  • Melting Point: 195°C
  • Total MoS2 and Molyslip Special E.P. compounds: 9%
  • Steady Working Temperature: -30°C to 150°C

Performance and Usage

For all ball and roller bearings where grease lubrication is specified, particularly medium to high speeds.
For general chassis and machinery lubrication.
For hub and electric motor grease lubricated bearings.
For dockside and dock equipment, plain bearings, slides, screws, valve threads.
All types of applications to sustain heavy duty or prolong life of components and to reduce friction and wear.
It has high oxidation stability and excellent rust prevention and inhibition properties.
Minimises fretting corrosion.The resistance to contamination by fresh or salt water is excellent.

Size & Type

400g Cartridges Container

Dimensions: L30xW30xH25 cm

Weights: 0.4 kg