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11005 Molyslip ALUMSLIP Anti-Seize

Molyslip ALUMSLIP is resistant to temperatures up to 650°C and it effectively protects against chemical corrosion and atmospheric oxidation. Free of copper, lead, sulphides, fluorides and chlorides, ALUMSLIP is suitable for use on all studs, nuts, bolts and other threaded connections, including turbine casing studs, burner nozzles, boiler inspection points and furnace bolts. ALUMSLIP is specifically designed for where copper needs to be avoided (for example where concerns of galvanic corrosion exist).

Features and Benefits:

  • High temperature capability up to 650°C
  • Ensures consistent friction between threads
  • Protects against galling and seizure
  • Protects against rust and corrosion
  • Eases assembly of tight tolerance components

Intructions for Use

Molyslip ALUMSLIP should be used as supplied. Ensure surfaces to be treated are clean and dry - free from oil, grease or dirt contamination. Apply a thin even coating by rubbing onto the surface with a lint free cloth.

Dimensions: L10xW10xH8 cm

Weights: 0.7 kg